Customers will never love a company until the employee loves it first. Our staff are passionate about property and have been carefully selected and trained to deliver the highest levels of professionalism.

Our core values are customer focus, integrity, respect for people and transparency. We expect our employees to share our values, to act honestly, fairly and ethically in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. Ashburn only thrives when it pleases its customers and charitable partners.

When it comes to selling your home, Ashburn we believe in 4 key principles

  1. Selling your property for the best possible price
  2. Charging a fair fee
  3. Holding your hand and keeping your informed throughout the sales process
  4. Giving back. Ashburn are committed to donate a minimum of £50 to Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice or a registered charity of your choice.

To become part of the Ashburn Property Consultants family-tree you require two main competencies. Firstly, a keen desire for the property market and secondly you should be a energetic visionary who is looking to run their own successful estate agency business consistently looking to business develop new opportunities

Working for yourself is exciting and rewarding, but do not be fooled into thinking it is easy.  As a self employed person you will face constant tough challenges and plenty of hard work — only the strongest survive in this highly competitive industry. That’s the beauty of property franchising. It gives you the benefits of running your own business but the comfort of knowing that you are not on your own; with Ashburn we believe that the strength of our unique selling propositions are our  brand, marketing plans and proposition.  As a franchisee, you will be part of this story.

There’s support, as and when you need it, and a tried and tested method to put into operation. In short, franchising means your chances of success are greatly increased. If you are ready for the challenge of running your own business and taking charge of your destiny – read on.

When Ashburn was founded in 2001, our aim was simple. We wanted to offer an excellent service at a fair price.

The strategy is successful because it is attractive to vendors in its transparency and we have developed very efficient operating procedures. Together they have helped us win the market share we need to be successful. I should emphasize at the outset that to become a Franchisee previous experience is not a requirement. Our training is geared to acquaint people, from a range of backgrounds, with all the necessary know how. To contemplate your own future as a Ashburn Franchisee, you will of course want to see the operation at first hand.

To move things forward, without obligation to either of us, please call us on 01753 579300 for an informal discussion and to arrange a convenient date for your visit.


We value our hard won reputation for providing an excellent service to all our clients. If you think you have what it takes to work for Asburn we would love to hear from you. With a new, ambitious and committed Management Team in place we are always looking to expand our Berkshire and Middlesex networks and are always on the look out for the right people. If you enjoy talking to and meeting people, have a desire to succeed coupled with a passion for great service we would love to hear from you. Experience is an advantage although not a necessity however, energy, enthusiasm and a sense of humour are vital for the continued success of Ashburn!